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ELR Test IN Delhi NCR

An Event Loop Recorder is a cardiac diagnostic test that records heart activity over a period of time, typically 7 days. You can avail best ELR service from anywhere in Delhi NCR, from the comfort of your homes.

Delhi Cardio offers cost-effective ELR tests anywhere in Delhi NCR, so you can avail of our service from your homes.

We have the best ELR tests in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Greater Noida, and Noida. We guarantee precise testing always, and the most economical ELR tests.


Your cardiologist may advise an ELR test for a variety of reasons such as looking for causes of fainting, irregular heartbeats, slow heartbeats, palpitations, or even fear of strokes.

Test Preparation

We have the best ELR Tests in Delhi, our devices are on par with international standards.

All you have to do is book our service and relax as we are here to take care of you with our best ELR test in Delhi. Although it is advisable to bathe beforehand as the monitor cannot be removed once the test starts.

Just like the Holter, our technician will attend to you at the comfort of your home once your booking has been confirmed, and prep the device for you. They will then guide you on how to keep the device worn.

The ELR device used at Delhi Cardio works on AI and Artificial intelligence technology. The device is battery-operated. It has high battery life and recording capacity. So, our best ELR in Delhi can record your heart activity without any discrepancies for a long period.

During The Test

It is beneficial to take note of any symptoms such as light-headedness, pounding, skipped heartbeat, chest pain, or shortness of breath.

As mentioned, you can continue your daily activities as you would normally do, but we advise you to avoid strenuous exercises and any activity that exerts pressure on the heart.

Our device is wearable publicly with ease and without any disruption. Keep it worn until the testing period is over.

Test Completion

Once the period for monitoring advised by your doctor is complete, our technician will remove the device and collect it from your home. The reports are made available within a day of test completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: An ELR test procedure used to monitor and record the electrical activity of the heart over an extended period. It helps identify irregular heart rhythms, palpitations, or other cardiac abnormalities that may not be captured during a routine ECG.

A: During an ELR test, a small, portable device called an event recorder or loop recorder is attached to the patient's chest. It continuously records the heart's electrical activity over an extended period, typically ranging from several days to several weeks. When the patient experiences symptoms, they activate the device to capture the heart's rhythm during that event.

A: No, an ELR test is generally not painful. The device used for monitoring is attached externally and does not involve invasive procedures. The patient may experience minor discomfort during the attachment process, but it should not cause significant pain.

A: Yes, one of the advantages of an ELR test for cardiac conditions is that it is designed to be worn while carrying out regular daily activities. The device is small, lightweight, and portable, allowing you to maintain your usual routine during the monitoring period.

A: You can directly call or whatsapp us on +91-9999657744 or can submit your appointment on website also.

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